For the knowledge of ancient warfare in ancient times, as far as we know, through time and space, in a "pre-industrial" age (times of swords, pikes and spears, bows and slings...). This year we will focuse on the study of antiquities from the early bronze age to the very last Roman struggles against the Goths, roughly 3500 years of warfare in the ancient asian-european continent. Building a clear vision of what it was to be a warrior in the hands of warlords, with the help of ancient authors, archeological evidences, recreations, illustrations, maps, animations, and screens from the highly praized video game, choosed by history channel, the "total war" licence by Sega(r) and the Creative assembly(r).

catw 04.7 keltoi tromos (April 2017)

This standalone update called "Celtic Terror" in Greek is the latest version of catw 0.4. This still features mundus magnus on 280 BC, but focuses this time of the second major event of the time, the Gallic invasions in the Balkans, with lots of corrections and modifications for all factions.
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Ancient-battles will also try to take over many un- or few- explored mateers, as the ancient "sea peoples" or achaeans and minoans from the bronze age and homeric times, but also the mauryan empire and T'sin armies, the steppe peoples, the celts, as the early, or at the opposite, very late romans, like the western "barbarized" ones, or the byzantine, "hellenized" romans. What we know apart the famous "triplex acies" of pre-marian times, triarii, principes, hastati, equites, and velites? Before this was the very early roman army composed of aristocratic cavalry or celeres, derived from the etruscan nobility, and a heavy phalanx composed mainly on spearmen by classes, and a reformed army by Dictator and general Marcus Furius Camilius, with six Censes classes, with rorarii, leves and accensii...

And what we know about the greek classic armies at this time, with hoplites and meprised psiloi and hippiko, and their opponents, the persians, and beyond the sparabara, takabara, kardaka and other troops ? -The greek-city states age became, with the macedonian rise, the hellenistic era, and terms as "phalangitai, hoplitai, hypaspistai, chalkaspidai, argyraspidai, akontistai, peltastai, thureophoroi, toxotai, sphendonetai, thorakitai, hetairoi, prodromoi" were known and became a model from the heracles columns to the indus river... A true encyclopedia of ancient warfare, like never seen before.

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This is a place where you will find material about ancient warfare, particularly about antiquity, through articles, reconstructions illustrations, ancient artefacts, reenacment, useful links, video documentaries, and CATW mod for Rome Total War (Sega - Activision)